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The Warrior

Do you know what an outstanding lyric does?  It grabs your listener by the mind.  Your listener is stimulated by the mechanics of the language he/she speaks to daydream a picture in the mind’s eye that is the experience of your song.  This is powerful, and whether you use that picture to make a point, to set a scene, or to convince and convert to make a difference in the world, the bottom line is a lyric grabs a listener by the mind and makes the mind’s eye see whatever you paint for them.  Some paintings are better than others, just like some books are better than others.

A line or a single lyric is a micro movie of the mind’s eye.  It is always directed by the beholder.  This is why a book you read and like is never as good as the movie.  Any book you read, you directed.  You built the scenes, you ran the lights, you covered the angles.  Then they make it into a movie and it’s not what you saw in your minds eye so you leave the theater saying “It wasn’t as good as the book”.  Very common.  Good books are not an accident.  They use language to give you the reigns to direct it as you would see it.

Coming up with outstanding lyrics is, for the most part, never an accident.  Sure, at times you might say something off the cuff, write something off the top of your head, or be thinking about something in your inner monologue with just the right word choice, and presto – great lyric….but for the most part, writing a lyric that stands out and grabs your listener by the mind takes a little effort.  Let’s take a look at a lyric I have come across that I believe to be an outstanding lyric, and why.

Know When to Take a Break

Walk Away.

Walking Away

If you haven’t noticed, I have taken a long break from the blog.  A few months even.  Now, to the “professional blogger” out there, having a break in content that long is “blog suicide”.  I guess it’s a good thing I don’t consider myself a “professional” blogger.  Blogger… yes.  Professional?

What am I a professional of?  Sometimes taking a break can make questions like that a little more answerable.  Whether we are suffering writer’s block, wallowing in self doubt, experiencing an artistic identity crisis, or even in a depression, sometimes all the tricks in the world don’t work save for one… taking a break.

Your Music Has Value


Expertise Sold Here.

Somewhere along the lines, musicians have been brainwashed.  I don’t mean they are now covert operatives activated by a special chord progression, but I do mean that a lot musicians today are not comfortable making money with their music.  Some even have concerns playing their music so as not to impose their creativity upon others.  Let’s take a look at three mindsets that could hold you back from making money with your music.

It’s Not Evil

Making money isn’t evil.  Whether your a farmer, a plumber, an architect, a pilot, or a school teacher, having an income in exchange for an expertise is what this world is built upon.

Reason Drum Kits on Separate Tracks as Audio Inside Record [video]

Record Mixing ConsoleHaving excellent sounding drums played by an excellent drummer is the foundation that almost every piece band aspires to today.  Being able to put ourselves in a position to create that kind of situation can be expensive, sometimes to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars for studio and session costs.  With Reason Drum Kits and Propellerhead’s Record, however, excellent drums in your tunes are within reach.  Enjoy this video as we take a look at how to turn your Reason Drum Kits into a full on session drummer.

A Beginner’s Guide to Selecting a DAW – Part 8 – A Look at Record

RecordNext in this series we will take a look at Propellerhead’s audio program, Record. Let’s start by asking some of the questions we have covered in the earlier parts of this series.

Does it Record Audio?

YesRecord does record audio, allowing an unlimited number of audio tracks with a bit rate up to 24-bit/192 kHz (more on bit rate later).

Does it Have Timing Correction?

NoRecord does not have timing correction. Of all the exciting upcoming features Propellerhead has in store for Reason 5 and Record 1.5, timing correction is not one.

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